Slow Ageing Part I: Ageless Beauty

If you could bottle youth, David and Margot Lieber would be its mixologists. Fritha Sutherland finds out how this age-defying couple and co-founders of Slow Ageing Essentials discovered the secret to growing old with confidence.

Self-described pioneers of modern natural beauty, David and Margot Lieber have dedicated their lives to understanding the ageing process and its effects on the skin.

The husband and wife team are the founders of the Slow Ageing Essentials skincare system – a simple but effective range of seven essential products – and claim to have stolen a march on would-be competitors.

“We buck the trend of having complex skincare regimes,” says David. “Instead we focus our energy into consistently using just four key products for the skin and three products for the body. These combined with our ‘Skin’ergy’ self-massage application technique, developed by Margot, give the best results.”

The couple developed the system through their own understanding of how to nourish the skin and through their personal holistic approach to eating well, exercising regularly and enjoying restful sleep. In that way the system is unique; it is not simply about providing high-quality products but sharing their knowledge and experience to help client’s keep healthy, fit, mobile and younger as a way of life.

Natural Beauty
The range uses ‘the very best purest 100 percent natural essential oils, extracts and botanicals specifically formulated for maximum anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial results’.

“You could say that my 35 years experience have been channelled into this range of seven essential products,” says David. “I worked with a French aromatherapy pioneer, who was also a bio-chemist, to develop the perfect synergy of oils to have the most prolific results and then a British chemist to create the most innovative natural skincare system to deliver these oils and benefits to the skin,” he explains.



Nevertheless, might promising ‘to slow the effects of time on your skin’ be a Herculean challenge?

Not at all, says Margot: “The effects of ageing are the result of the build up of free radicals. If we understand how to use antioxidants and channel these to look after our external and internal physiology, then we can slow down the ageing process. It’s not about false promises; that way always leads to disappointment.

“What is true is that someone can be of a certain age and yet be biologically younger and the route to this is through the principle of ‘Slow’. By adopting slow principles into our five key areas of skin, self-care, sleep, nutrition and movement, you can make a significantly positive impact on your health and well-being. And everyone wants that – man or woman – and like most good ideas, it’s actually quite simple!”

Anti-Ageing is Anti-Life
The couple dislike the label ‘anti-ageing’; a term that first sprung up in 1980s beauty advertising campaigns targeting older (Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y) women. A little over a decade ago, the term – now deemed outdated and sexist – was banned by the ASA but its usage remains prolific across all media.

Taming this beast of a term will not be easy. The global skincare market is highly lucrative and expected to exceed US$131 billion by 2019. Moreover, the global ‘anti-ageing’ sub-market (Editor Note: This term is used for the purpose of this article and in quoting from two respected market analysis reports) for skin and hair is expected to increase to US$66 billion by 2023 driven by a growing aging population and increasing awareness about the advantages of using anti-aging skin and hair care products. It’s clear that today’s 50-plus consumer has huge influence and spending power.

Allure, America’s most popular beauty magazine, announced in August 2017 it would stop using the expression anti-ageing in its publication. “Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that ageing is a condition we need to battle,” explained Editor Michelle Lee at the time, adding that “changing the way we think about ageing starts with changing the way we talk about ageing.”

David and Margot would agree: “We have never liked the words anti-ageing, in fact, we agree with the Royal Society of Public Health’s 2018 report that to be anti-ageing is to be anti-life,” says David.

There is an emerging anti-anti-ageing movement that media, brands and advertisers are finding impossible to ignore. The difficulty with such a catchy term is what to replace it with when a product wishes to include the word age. High-street brands have met the challenge though with a selection of new, alternative phrases being used on products aimed at this market.

Forward-thinkers, the Slow Ageing duo aren’t presented with this dilemma and are already ahead of the game when it comes to emerging ‘anti-ageing’ market trends. These include the rising demand for natural and organic ingredients in products and a more holistic approach towards beauty, health and wellbeing that includes environmental, mindfulness and lifestyle considerations.

“There is no one doing what we are. It’s the reason why we created the brand,” says Margot. “No one is addressing how to create a range that puts into people’s hands the opportunity to slow the effects of time on their skin, safely, positively and with real effects for any age. You can see a significant difference within 30 days – which is one single skin renewal – and the difference you see and feel is sustainable and real. The result is better skin confidence, a radiant glow and strong, healthy skin.”

Upping the Ante
So, what’s the next for Slow Ageing Essentials? “Well, as a new brand, the year ahead is very exciting; we are launching the product range and treatments with a wonderful spa, partnering with one of the most respected digital retailers, connecting to new customers via our online consultations and having just won our first award (approved by Beauty Bible) we look forward to spreading the word about Slow Beauty,” says David.

Finally, might you share any tips for growing old gracefully?

“Apart from our own Slow Ageing Essentials philosophy, we have one tip that was told to us once as the secret to a happy fulfilled life, this was peace of mind,” says Margot.

And there you have it !


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